31 August

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Taksir Sharqi

Mazzika X El Sat7

The music ensemble Taksir Sharqi was formed towards the end of 2017 at the Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts–Makan, which has embraced and fully supported its endeavors. Taksir Sharqi presents works combining Egyptian folkloric music, such as zar and mawwal, with contemporary music. These combinations blend sounds new to the listener’s ear, creating unique sonic fusions distinct from all other musical experiments in the contemporary arts scene.


Ensemble founders include:

Ahmed Omran- oud

Walid Abdo- percussion and tambour

Amin Shaheen- arghoul and kawala


Participants include:

Um Sameh- vocals and percussion

Abdel Rahman Balala- vocals

Wetey- bass guitar

Abdullah Magdy- electronic guitar

Wael al-Sayed- accordion

Amr Wagih- saxophone.


Concert Details
Date: Saturday 31st August 2019
Time: 8:30 PM
Tickets: 100 EGP

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31 August | 20:30

Musical Shows

Taksir Sharqi


DARB 1718, Cairo

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31 August 2019 | 20:30


EGP 100