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Produced by Orient Productions & Temple Independent Theater Company

When men are only passing through, women remain. And in this bourgeois living room in Cairo, they take up all the space. As a place that serves at once to protect family intimacy and to welcome visitors from the outside, this ordinary location provides El Attar with countless combinations to express the symbolic and physical imprisonment of the Arab woman and of her children. With Mama, he paints an unforgiving portrait of the mother, made monstrous by her limitless love, and uses his thirteen characters and this living room to expose the audience to a miniature society made up of alternating relationships of power. Each is at the service of the others, and lets him- or herself be buried under things left unsaid. With this play—the last in a trilogy about family—the director dares to shift our point of view on the mother, too often seen as an untouchable object to honour and cherish, in order to make her the mistress of her own destiny, and more largely to explore her responsibility in our time of crisis. Because loving too much or badly has never led to more freedom...

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