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Happy New Year Bel Araby

Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Shaima Saif, Karim Afifi, Mohamed Anwar, Dana Al-Halabi, Samia Al-Trabelsi

Happy New Year in Arabic is a musical comedy suitable for all ages and all family members. A group of friends get together to celebrate the New year, during the party and while they are enjoying the music and exchanging gift the lights turn off and back on again only for them to find a mysterious box in the middle of the palace. They all question what could be inside this box that appeared out of nowhere. The friends suddenly start changing, greed and fear take of them and they fight over who will take the box.
The comedy Happy New Year in Arabic starrs Bayomi Fouad, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Shaymaa Seif, Karim Afifi, Mohamed Anwar, Dana el Halaby and Samia Al Tarabolsy.

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