Ahlan Ramdan
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Ahlan Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan

 An outstanding comedy play that is considered a comeback to the plays’ production in the Egyptian private sector. Ahlan Ramadan play is at Al Haram theater 174 Haram st.- Giza.

A combination of the greatest stars that each is considered a milestone in their fields, have come together to build up this big theatrical performance to meet Mohamed Ramadan’s audience expectations!

Starring: Mohamed Ramadan, Rogina, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Shaimaa Seif & Hossam Dagher.

Scenery: Amr Abdallah

Poems: Ahmed Hassan Raoul

Music: Amr Mostafa

Shows: Atef Awad

Written by: Atef Awad

Directed by: Dr. Khaled Galal

Produced by: 3 Vision – Emad Zeyada


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