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Al Di Meola Live in Cairo

Ft. Fathy Salama

See A Jazz Fusion Legend in Concert


Are you a huge jazz fan? If so, then take a listen to the tunes of Al Di Meola, a revolutionary in the world of jazz as he has worked with some of today's fusion artists while also defying solo expectations. With infamous tunes like “Mediterranean Sundance” and “Lady of Rome, Sister of Brazil,” 



Al Di Meola will be performing at the CICC on the 15th of July featuring the guest star Fathy Salama. 


Al Di Meola Tickets - Don't Miss It!

Though his style is unlike traditional jazz musicians, with a serious sex appeal and fusion of Latin inspired sets that make his Italian heritage ponder, Al Di Meola has contributed strongly to his genre and his instrument for over three decades by providing new harmonies, new stylistic appeal and more. Pick up his concert tickets today! 


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