Blessed by an innate talent; in addition to being raised in an artistic family during his early childhood, his father; late singer and composer Mr. Ibrahim El-Haggar taught him principles of Arabic music. In this age he was exposed to different types of Arabic songs; such as works of Om Kolthoum, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Zakaria Ahmed, Sayed Darwish, and many others.

In 1977 his talent was professionally discovered by the late composer Baligh Hamdy; who introduced him publicly in the New Year’s Eve with his first piece of work “Ala Ad Ma Habbena” having lyrics by the late poet Abdel-Rehim Mansour; after listening to him singing in a musical program in the Egyptian television.

El-Haggar always has a faith that the artist should not separate himself from the social and political events that take place in his surrounding society. In his vision the artist must have a specific attitude towards these events, and react towards them; but yet through art.

An additional successful point in Ali El-Haggar’s career that deserves a shade of light is his duet with Placido Domingo. El-Haggar realized a great achievement when he was selected by the Spanish opera singer “Placido Domingo”; titled “KING OF OPERA” to carry out a duet song together.

Moving ahead from a success to another, Ali El-Haggar was appreciated for his aggregate artistic works by receiving a prize of honor in the 15th Arabic Music Festival for the year 2006. Also, in the same year he received two prizes from two different European theatre festivals in both Germany and Italy.