Basata was formed in 2008 and they chose the name “Basata” which means simplicity to reflect the simple performance held by the band while using wooden instruments and the little number of artists to present a meaning which is not at all simple. The band always tries to send deep and intense meanings in a simple way. Whoever listens searching for a nice tune and words close to the heart, finds his aim in Basata’s songs, whoever thinks and tries to absorb hidden meanings, finds in Basata a deeper and more influential meaning.

In 2009, “Raed Sica” the percussionist joined the band to replace “Mohamed Saad” who couldn’t continue with the band.

Basata presents an ingenious bundle of music, mixing oriental instruments (lute) with western instruments (guitars) and classical music (cello) and then it supports this music with influential lyrics.

The band presented many concerts through 2008 in El Sawy Culture wheel, Gezira Garden, Nuweiba City, as well as in many charity events where it gained a great deal of popularity. Basata participated in the International Folklore Festival in Spain “Palma de Mallorca” in April 2009.