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Mohamed Basheer’s musical inspirations came from the heritage of Ja’ffary culture and arts (Upper Egyptian). Traditionally Ja’ffary groups consist of lead vocalist, musicians and backing vocalists who create added rhythm by hand clapping along with the percussion.

Mohamed Basheer was raised in the outskirts of Aswan (Upper Egypt) allowing him to be surrounded by the Ja’ffary culture and sounds from an early age. Basheer and his star band went through various experimental phases collecting the heritage of Upper Egyptian and incorporating these traditional Oriental sounds with modern western instruments such as the violin, flute, drums, keyboard, bass guitar and the saxophone.

Basheer’s traditional yet modern fusion has created a new phase of Upper Egyptian folkloric music making them a popular choice throughout venues and festival in Egypt

Concert Details
Date: Friday 24th May 2019
Time: 9:30 PM
Tickets: 100 EGP

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