African madness, Arab originality, Middle Eastern charm and Western elegance WOW!

Music is the language of people whoever and wherever they are. Music talks to your conscience, speaks to your mind and awakens your senses. At the 2nd edition of the International Folk Music Festival in Cairo, WANAS, El Mastaba Center will present a unique experience of traditional world music now exists to meet your passion in Egypt.
From the heart of Europe, “Sian James”, from Wales will come to us with their music and folklore; “Senet” (the band’s name means “bonding), from the tribes of Eritrea will perform their music, and the, and “Skaka”, from Skaka village in the Palestinian countryside will bring cheerful folk and popular songs and the authentic Palestinian Dabbka dance routine; "Baynouna", from Oman, the land of pearls, comes to us with poetry, swords, singing and dancing in unimaginable mix. then comes the fruits of the Finally, WANAS will present the unique and richly diverse Egyptian folk music from Port Said with "El Tanbura" masters of the well known Egyptian lyre, the simsimiya, performing songs of the sea and the boatmen ‘s dance; from Sinai, " BJB/Bedouin Jerry-Can" bring their unique music; from Upper Egypt, “NubaNour” brings its amazing Nubian art; last, but not least, "Rango" brings the musical madness of Sudan, the tastiest rhythms and the danceable songs performed on the oldest Sudanese folk instrument, the "rango".
With their performances and albums produced in the United Kingdom, the Egyptian bands of El Tanbura, BJB, NubaNour and Rango have all achieved a unique place on the international cultural scene, from Canada to Australia including most of the European countries.

Festival program:
Thursday 19 Nov. Bedouin Jerry-Can, Sinai-Egypt 8:00pm.
Bhangra, India 9:00pm.
El Tanbura, Port Said-Egypt 10:00pm.
Friday 20 Nov. Rango, Sudan 8:00pm.
Skaka, Palestine 9:00pm.
Baynouna, Oman 10:00pm.
Saturday 21 Nov. Senet, Eretria 8:00pm.
Nubanour, Nuba-Egypt 9:00pm.
Sian James, Wales-UK 10:00pm.