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ELFIT 2021 CrossFit Championship

ELFIT 2021 CrossFit Championship

Welcome to the 8th and most thrilling season of ELFIT CrossFit Championship, the only CrossFit Sanctioned event in Egypt & one of the most exciting Crossfit competitions in the region. 

Come & watch ELFIT CrossFit Championship 2021 where you'll find hundreds of people coming to celebrate health & wellness all while supporting their favorite athletes from all over the world (over 40 countries) coming to compete, gather, and enjoying the sun, games, food and the unbeatable atmosphere!

It’s more than just the game that draws so many CrossFit/ fitness fans into ELFIT stands.

The cheering. The support. The yelling. The crying. The Laughter. And so much more.

The live experience — from the sound of a roaring crowd to the whole community gathered under one huge roof— is something that can't be transferred through a phone screen. The energy is something that you cannot replicate outside of the setting. Nothing is more exciting and thrilling than actually ATTENDING the event and seeing the magic HAPPEN. In the flesh. You won’t really understand what ELFIT feels until you actually experience an ELFIT event firsthand ;)

Where: The New Capital Sports City

As part of spreading good and healthy habits; your presence will make a difference in our quest to spread fitness all around the country. There is nothing like good 3 ol' days filled with competition and sports vibes to get you back on track and to fill you up with enough motivation to last long enough to get you off the couch!

Aside from exciting entertainment pieces in our breaks, there'll be sponsors and vendors from all over the world in this area to showcase their products and have activations and games and small contests with awesome prizes.

And of course, there'll be food!

Want to be part of it?


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