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Hieroglyphics Workshop

Darb1718 Workshop

An entertaining and informative workshop that will teach you to read the hieroglyphic writing system of ancient Egypt. A series of 6 sessions that provide you with information about the origins of ancient Egyptian writing and it's development stages, writing hieroglyphic letters and discovering their meaning. And how the ancient Egyptian inspired his ideas of drawing these shapes and linked their significance with his beliefs.

About the instructor, Marwa Emad El-Sayed

Marwa Emad El-Sayed, has a BA in Egyptology from the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University (2016). She has a range of experience, working at the Scientific Office of the Minister of Antiquities, an internship at the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage “CULTNAT”. She is currently working as a research assistant in Egyptology and archaeology, and a co-editor at Luxor Times Magazine, while pursuing her MA in Egyptology at Cairo University.

Marwa participated in organizing several workshops and conferences at the Egyptian Museum, National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Al-Manial Palace and Institut français d’archéologie orientale - IFAO

Workshop Details

The workshop is held each Saturday and you can attend more than one session.

Dates: Each Sunday and Tuesday between 31 March till 16 April 2019

Time: From 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Duration of session: 2 hours

Workshop fees: 825 EGP

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