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Hollywood Comes To Egypt

2 Day Film School

Hollywood Comes To Egypt
2-Day Film School

Day-1 MAKE IT…

Day-2 SELL IT…

The 2-Day Film School

Launch Your Film Career From Egypt Globally

Who is the 2 Day Film School For :

Show Business Professionals , Filmmaking Students , Producers , Actors

Date : 17 & 18 June 2019

Length : 16 hours over 2 days - 8 hours each.

Break : One Hour

What Is This Event Is All About ?

For The Very First Time In The Middle East Comes To Egypt The America's #1 Film Instructor/Producer Voted By The National Association of film schools,
Mr Hollywood Himself : Producer Dov Simens Who will Give You The Ultimate Show Business Filmmaking And Deal Making How Tos , Insider Secrets in this Amazing 2 Day Film School By The Acknowledged Hollywood Film Institute "HFI".

Dov's Graduates Includes Oscar Winners :

Will Smith , Quentin Tarantino , Spike Lee , Guy Richie , Bradley Cooper , Chris Nolan And Thousands More .

Now Here Is A Message To You From The Man Himself :

Hello Egypt ...

Want to have a profitable film industry?

Want Produce, Write, Direct and Act in Egyptian Feature Films that go global?

Then mark this date on your calendar… June 2019

Why? Because that is when the acclaimed Hollywood (2-Day) Film School is presented in Cairo…
at the American University , Ewart Hall… for the very first time… Do not miss it!

$14 Billion… That large number is the Box Office Gross of graduates…. Like Quentin Tarantino, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Guy Ritchie, George Clooney and Baz Luhrmann… who have attended the 2-Day Film School 15-25 years ago… and now it is your turn.

Egypt… you have 100 million people thirsting for entertainment and Egyptian movies and now, with Netflix streaming and multiplexes growing, making profitable Egyptian movies is easier than ever…. Let me show you how…

17 & 18 June 2019

On Day-1 : 17 June

you will learn how to WRITE, DIRECT, SHOOT & EDIT to Make-A-Movie

On Day-2 : 18 June

you will learn how to PRODUCE, FINANCE, DISTRIBUTE & PROFIT with that movie.

Day-1 MAKE IT…

Day-2 SELL IT…

The 2-Day Film School

And if you want to Produce, Write, Direct & Act in Egyptian Feature Films that go global…you will be there ...
Happy Filmmaking...

Dov Simens

Produced By : The Studio Productions EG © 2019

Thanks to our sponsors, this great event became more affordable

Ticket price is now 2500 EGP.

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