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Mazzika X El Sat7

Mazaher is an ensemble in which women play a leading role.

The musicians of Mazaher , Um Sameh, Um Hassan, Nour el Sabah are among the last remaining Zar practitioners in Egypt.

The music is inspired by the three different styles musical styles of the Zar tradition practiced in Egypt.

One of the African dimensions of Egypt, Zar music unfolds through rich poly-rhythmic drumming:

it's songs are distinctly different from other Egyptian music traditions.

The music of Mazaher is inspired by the three different styles of Zar music

practiced in Egypt-the Egyptian or Upper Egyptian Zar, Abu Gheit Zar and the Sudanese, or African Zar.

The ECCA is not researching or documenting the ritualistic aspects of the Zar,

rather it focuses documenting and promoting this unique musical legacy.

ECCA has gathered together some Zar performers and motivated them to go through lengthy sessions of rehearsing,

remembering and recording.

Mazaher is the result of these efforts.

Concert Details
Date: Thursday 30th May 2019
Time: 9:30 PM
Tickets: 100 EGP

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