Rise of The Entrepreneurs
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Rise of the Entrepreneurs

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For the first time in Egypt & Middle East, the Event that many people are waiting for.

The world’s most powerful trainers in the field of entrepreneurship will come to share with us their experience in the most important event.

Rise of Entrepreneurs Egypt 2017 (3 Days event) - From 14 to 16 December 2017

An Educational, training, motivational, entertaining conference in the fields of, entrepreneurship, human development & human resources.

The conference aims to prepare cadres, and successful leaders in entrepreneurship to be able to owe their own projects, to be able to create job opportunities for others & reach financial freedom.

The philosophical idea of this conference is based on the creation of a modernistic training environment that is compromised from a bundle of many scientific dimensions from different countries and international schools of entrepreneurship and an effective mixture of personal development and human resources training programs.

We are going to fly with you through creative training programs to taste how to get the financial freedom, in a modern training environment.

You will enjoy attractive special programs to create a spirit of competition, no traditional routine, but blending together education and entertainment to attract trainees and raise the level of scientific absorption with maximum benefit.

In addition to a variety of valuable surprises and gifts. There, we make leaders and cadres capable of innovation, creativity and making a bright future. 

Our International trainers & speakers will be the hand that will help you achieve your aims.

Meet them and enjoy success world

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