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Sakia's 4th Rock Festival


Sakia's 4th Rock Festival in Cooperation with Andromida band will be performed at the Culture Wheel from the 19th til the 23rd of October 2011. 

The Opening will be performed by Head Stock on 19 October 2011, 7:00PM, Belmaaloub will be performing 8:00PM, Day Break at 9:00PM & Page 2 will be performing 10:00PM

Thu 20 October:

My Precious Ophelia, 7:00PM
In Coming, 8:00PM
Rumble in Paradise, 9:00PM
Simplexity, 10:00PM

Fri 21 October:

The Chicken Came First, 7:00PM
Rock Python, 8:00PM
The Jockers, 9:00PM
Forest, 10:00PM

Sat 22 October:

Circle, 7:00PM
F.I, 8:00PM
Baraka, 9:00PM
Rain Dogs, 10:00PM

Closing Ceremony of the festival will be performed by Andromida and awards giving on 23rd October 2011, 8:00PM


Ticketsmarche offers Sakia's 4th Rock Festival tickets. Tickets may be purchased online through our guaranteed safe and secure website. For Non Credit Card Holders, please buy your tickets from the following retail outlets:




Tickets Sold at the following locations:




6th of October
Cilantro: Dandy Mall, Cairo-Alex. KM 28

El Tagamoa El Khames
Cilantro: AUC University
Makani: Inside Down Town Mall, Rd.90

Ticketsmarche: 127 Merghany St
Makani: 27 Hassan Sadeq St, behind Baron Palace

Cilantro: Nasr Rd.
Manoucheh: 49 Rd. 9

Wabisabi: Nile Towers, 1st Floor

Makani: 9 Amr St, Off Syria

Nasr City
Cilantro: City Stars, 1st Floor.


Cilantro: Om Kolthoum Hotel



Cilantro: 1 Kafr Abdou St.

more info call +2.010.TICKETS (+2.0100.8425387)
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