Formed in 2005. Salalem's songs are the type that have no specific genre, due to the diverse influences of the band members and the unsual formation that depends mainly on guitars, the outcome becomes a little bit of everything, and in the end simple funky tunes are produced to the audience, fused with Sarcastically humorous Egyptian lyrics which is the special thing about Salalem, The sarcastic perspective of life.

Salalem are also well known for covering famous songs from old Egyptian movies. They are an exceptional show not to be missed!


Band Line-Up:


Mohamed Ali (Walkman) - Guitar, Vocals
Osama Saad El Din (Ozmo) - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Amr Sayed Gioushy (Solo) - Solo Guitar
Mohammed Jamal (Jimy) - Lead Vocal
Ezz Shahwan (El General) - Bass & Lead Guitars
Samir Mansour – Piano & Keys
Hany Bedeir - Percussions
Sherif Nabil - Drums