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Ice Age Live!

A Mammoth Ice Skating Adventure

Dino Activations with partnership with Stage Entertainment touring productions and Twentieth Century Fox will take you in a journey with a brand new live entertainment event, Ice Age Live! This brilliantly imaginative arena experience is inspired by the critically acclaim smash hit, Ice Age movies featuring everyone’s favorite prehistoric characters in a hilarious and thrilling original story bringing this spectacle to life are two internationally renowned visionaries in the field of live entertainment. Guy Caron, the creative director behind many of the Cirque du Soleil shows, and Michael Curry the artistic designer of dozens of live theatrical shows including the Lion King.


This story tells the adventures of an extraordinary herd of Ice Age animals, all living together as one unique big family. The decrease in grassland leads Sid, the sloth, Crash and Eddie, the possums, to venture onto the forbidden land where the grass is greener. Unbeknown to them, this territory is ruled by the evil bird Shadow who does not appreciate visitors. As a revenge, Shadow and his crew enter the herd's camp at nightfall and kidnap Peaches, the baby mammoth, and the two possums. To save them, our fearless heroes, Manny, Diego and Sid embark on a wild journey where they will cross paths with their good friend Buck and make their way through the Enchanted Garden. As for Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel, this time he has got more than finding his beloved acorn to worry about. This arena spectacular will take you to the ultimate Ice Age adventure filled with fun, laughter, suspense and of course the humour you have come to love!


A MUST SEE for the entire family!





Show Dates:

Wed, 3 Feb: 7PM (SOLD OUT)
Thur, 4 Feb: 12PM, 7PM

Fri, 5 Feb: 10AM, 3PM, 7PM
Sat, 6 Feb: 11AM, 3PM, 7PM
Sun, 7 Feb: 11AM, 7PM
Mon, 8 Feb: 11AM, 7PM
Tue, 9 Feb: 11AM, 3PM, 7PM
Wed, 10 Feb: 11AM, 3PM, 7PM


Age: 1+ requires a full ticket, under 1 year old is not allowed.
No Refund , No Exchange for tickets after purchase


Organized by: Dino Activations

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