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Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Musical Theater

Snow White tells the enchanting story of a young girl whose beauty bewitches a Prince and makes an enemy of her evil Step Mother. The love of seven dwarves keeps her safe until she is woken by her one true love with a kiss. The humble apple takes a battering in this beloved tale but in the end it all turns out Happily Ever After. Oh Yes It Does!

The Show Schedule:
Sat, 1-Mar: 10AM 
Sat, 1-Mar: 3PM
Sun, 2-Mar: 10AM
Sun, 2-Mar: 6PM 
Mon, 3-Mar: 10AM
Mon, 3-Mar: 6PM
Tue, 4-Mar: 10AM
Tue, 4-Mar: 7PM
Wed, 5-Mar: 10AM
Wed, 5-Mar: 7PM
Thur, 6-Mar: 10AM
Thur, 6-Mar: 8PM


Children  under 3 Year are not allowed. Full ticket required for 3 Year and Above. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGE OF TICKETS

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