Rashad Fahim is one of the leading jazz pianists in Egypt and founded his trio in 2005. He studied at the Cairo Conservatory of Music as a part time Student from the age of 9. In 1988, he continued his jazz education where he studied with Jess Ovell and Ray Santisi at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA where he graduated in 1988.

Rashad has performed in numerous venues around Cairo including the Cairo Opera House, The Gomhoureya Theater, The French Cultural Centers in Cairo and Alexandria, Cairo Jazz Club and was often a guest pianist with the Riff Band.  He performed with many jazz artists such as Malik Yacoub, John Dikeman, Salah Ragab, and Abdullah Ibrahim.

Rashad currently has an enormous line of jazz piano students studying with him in Cairo.

Rashad Fahim, piano
Andre Segone, bass
Mustafa Abbas, drums