Mona Burkhardt

28 December | 20:00

Musical Shows

Mona Burkhardt & Las Encantadoras Melodias Orquesta


El Sat7-DARB1718

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Mazzika X El Sat7

DARB 1718

Kasr El Sham3 St, Al Fakhareen, 
 Cairo Old Cairo

“Mazzika x El Sat7”, a monthly musical night held on our Roof. Our special musical nights will present a unique experience embodied in the type of music performed, the ambiance and the limited number of seats.

About “Mona Burkhardt & Las Encantadoras Melodias Orquesta”
Mona Burkgardt is an Egyptian/German International professional singer and standard Latin American dancer. She is born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1967. She is a graduate from Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, Anthropology section.

Mona studied music at the British Royal school for music, in addition to Flamenco and Standard Latin American technique dance in Langen, Sprendlingen, Darmstadt-Hessen, Germany. She sings in in 3 languages Spanish, French & English.

“Mona Burkhardt & Las EncantadorasMelodiasOrquesta” had won the 2nd place in Hessen, Germany 2004 in dancing fitness show competition (Fitnessmeisterschaft).

Band Members
Mona Burkhardt: Main vocals
Amr Hassan: Piano, Keyboards & Vocals
Yasser Atef: Piano, Keyboards & Vocals
Akram El Hanbouli: Guitars
Ahmed Anwar: Bass
Amr Rashed: Percussion
SherifKhedr: Drums