Warda and Balegh
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Warda and Balegh

Mazzika X El Sat7

“Mazzika x El Sat7”, a monthly musical night held on our Roof. Our special musical nights will present a unique experience embodied in the type of music performed, the ambiance and the limited number of seats.

About “Warda_Balegh”
A concert by Wijdan who will present a collection of great songs of the Algerian artist “Warda” composed by the legendary Baligh Hamdi. The most influential and creative songs so far, you will listen to many great songs including El-Oyoun El-Sood, Layalina, and HakaytaiMaa El-Zaman.

Band Members
Hany Bedair (Percussion)
Ahmed Kamary (Qanon)
Andrew (Contrabass)

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