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Yasser Fathy Training


The six circles model for change and development presents an approach for analyzing your current state in each and every domain in life: your work, family, relatives, friends, relations, hobbies, spiritual development, …etc.

It unveils how we are in each of these fields, then analyzes the reasons why we are so. What are the ideas and beliefs which we adopt?  In other words, what are the ideas and beliefs which we conditioned to believe in since our childhood and adulthood till they became-consciously or consciously- the main drive for our behaviors and reactions in each and every life situation.

Such behaviors have undoubtedly shaped our current state: what type of work we do; Our image in front of our colleagues; how we perform; how we feel about this work every day when we wake up in the morning to go to that job; how satisfied we are with the salary this job secures; are we appreciation enough at work? Do we really enjoy doing this job or is it just another job to pay the bills? etc.

In The 6 circles model, we discover this truth. The model first furnishes us with an easy mechanism that helps us accept this “discovery”. It then presents another mechanism to create positive emotions towards the wish to change and an internal belief in the “ability” to effect that “internal” change that finally brings the external change, which we are looking forward to.


Surely, the following step is training the attendees on increasing their mental and psychological flexibility to prepare them to think and work to realize the required change in their lives. The model does also explain the main common obstacles which are most likely to occur when anyone of us rises to change anything in his life to the better. It then presents the emotional, ideational, psychological, and practical solutions for such problems in a bid to reach the required new results. In this course, the cycle pursues driving us from one success to another on all levels.


Training 3 DAYS (March 19,20,21)





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6th of October
Cilantro: Dandy Mall, Cairo-Alex. KM 28

El Tagamoa El Khames
Cilantro: AUC University
Makani: Inside Down Town Mall, Rd.90

Ticketsmarche: 127 Merghany St
Makani: 27 Hassan Sadeq St, behind Baron Palace

Cilantro: Nasr Rd.
Manoucheh: 49 Rd. 9

Wabisabi: Nile Towers, 1st Floor

Makani: 9 Amr St, Off Syria

Nasr City
Cilantro: City Stars, 1st Floor.

Cilantro: Om Kolthoum Hotel
Link DSL: Inside Gezira Club, Next to Old Squash.

more info call +2.010.TICKETS (+2.010.8425387) / 0102155385
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