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Elli Alehom El Ein

Khaled Sarhan, Laila Ezz Elarab and Bahgaga Band

A comedy show for young people starring girls group "bahgagga" .. and stars Khaled Sarhan and Leila Ezz al-Arab After the death of his wife, he discovers that he does not know much about the lives of his four daughters, Arokid, Narcissus, Chrysanthemum, and Lily, because of his continuous work. Himself is nominated for a prestigious position in the state, but the behavior of his daughters and their uncertain and rebellious and chaotic life threatens to get my job this job .. For his part, trying to get closer to the girls to convince them the standards of their lives to be committed and disciplined as he sees it is true .. But his journey within the secret world of his daughters do all To unexpected surprises that culminate in the day when the two are working for the prestigious office.


Khaled Sarhan
Laila Ezz Elarab
Yasser Tobji .. Doctor Carnation
Samar Galal .. Chrysanthemum
Menna Arafa .. Lily
Shorouk El Sharif .. Orchid
Weama Issam
Ahmed Bassim Karim Andriano .. Chieftain Alaa Helmy
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