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101 Photography Workshop

Darb1718 Workshop

Session #1

History of Photography

When photography was invented in 1839, the scientific breakthrough brought forth a new way of seeing. In this course, we'll trace the development of photography from its pioneering days in the 19th century to the experimental movements of today. We'll discuss major innovations and photographers in each period, and really put into practice what we're learning.

Session #2

Welcome to Photography Course

When it comes to light and photography, its helpful to understand some of the basic physics behind light and lenses. The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots (phōtos, phōs, and graphé) which together means “drawing with light”. It is important to remember that light is the primary working tool of any photographer. So we’re going to tackle the following subjects:

Light Rays

Light Refraction through a Prism

Camera Lens

Creating an Image

Good Light

Types of Light

Quality of Light

Angles of Light

Session #3

Understanding The Exposure Triangle

If you want to take great photos, you need to understand exposure and the Exposure Triangle is the foundation of photography. If you’re new to photography, you can get away with taking respectable pictures right out of the box using automatic settings. However, if you want to produce quality images, then you need to have a solid grasp of this basic concept before you move on to the next level. Look at it this way; exposure is to the photographer, what measuring is to a carpenter. It’s an essential skill. Understanding what exposure is, and how it works, is an important first step in becoming a good photographer.

Session subjects:

What is aperture?

What is Shutter Speed?

What is ISO?

Session #4

Understanding ISO Sensitivity

A session that we’re going to talk specifically about ISO Sensitivity through the following subjects:

What is ISO sensitivity?

Film ASA

Film Grain

ISO replaces ASA


Session #5

Introduction to Shutter Speed

In this session we’re going to discuss the following subjects:

What is shutter speed?

How does the shutter speed works?

Mechanical operation of a shutter

Shutter speed settings

Holding a camera using a slow shutter speed

Session #6

Introduction to Aperture

The subjects that will be tackled in this session are the following:

What is aperture?

Aperture settings

Depth of Field/Focus

Session #7

Compositional Rules in Photography

Yes, there are rules in photography. But don’t get disheartened, these are not designed to superimpose on your creativity. Rather, you can consider them as guides, meaningful tried and tested guidelines which have worked this far. Once you have mastered these rules, you would be able to go beyond them, break them whenever necessary so that you can create even more compelling images.

Session subjects:

Leading Lines

Rule of Third

Negative Space

Horizon Line

Symmetry & Patterns

Session #8

Photographic Lenses

Since optical designs of photographic lenses differ so radically we will not go into detail about optics. This lesson will cover a basic discussion of lenses and some good tips on lens use and care.

Tackled Subjects:

Focal Length

Lenses Different Types

Standard Lenses

Macro Lenses

Telephoto Lenses

Wide Angle Lenses

Specialist Lenses

Prime VS Zoom Lenses

Free Session

Outdoor Session to test what we have learned with a supervision onset.

Nada Rezq is a photographer, film producer, director and writer.

She started her career in the field of art as a photographer and a visual artist. Her work was depending mainly on image, then she started mixing photography with other media and techniques such as videos, audios and installations.

Her work took a social turn, criticising traditions as well as social transformations from a political and humanitarian point of view. Later on, when she shifted her career from visual art to storytelling she showed a special interest in women’s stories.

Her photographs have a special appearance as she is a prizes winner, her photographs «Surrealism Paradise» won the golden PSA medal from The Emirates International Photography Competition, as well as her photograph «The New Comers» won the best photo in the photography competition on the EU delegation, in addition to that she participated in many international exhibitions which took place in France, Italy, Germany, Emirates, Poland and Czech.

Rezq studied graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, After finishing the pre-master studies at the same department, and working in parallel as a demonstrator at graphic design department, she moved to Aix en Provence, France to study video art and experimental cinema at L’école supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence.

She had her first solo exhibition at the gallery of école supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence in the frame of Marseilles Provence13; under the name of AZAN. During that year, fundamental changes in Nada’s personality took place, consequently leading to radical decisions that changed the way she lives now.

Rezq returned to Egypt and joined a Master of Business Administration program which had a strong role in making the decision of leaving ADASA for Photographic art, the photographic space she co-founded and worked for it as an executive director for 4 years.

Wherefore she moved to Cairo and joined The Jesuit Film School, Cairo, she wrote & directed her first short fiction right after graduation; titled “Just Like Sugar”, then The Jesuit Cultural Center directory board recommended her to act as the project manager of The Jesuit Film Festival.

She got a place in the famous TV Show Saturday Night Live (Arabia) to work as an assistant director.

Now she is working on her first feature doc-fiction “Greetings To The Happy Gathering” which examines the experience of her mother's marriage, which began in the 80s, and to understand the relation between that marriage and the socio-political circumstances and lifting off the fingerprints which the regime had on the characters of her family and the old district in where she was born and raised.

Workshop Details

The workshop will consists of 8 sessions

Dates: Every Friday & Saturday from From Fri 15th of March till 6th April 2019

Time: From 12:00PM to 3:00PM

Duration of session: 3 Hours

Workshop fees: 1500 EGP

You can pay a down-payment of 525 LE to start the course

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