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AfroNoubia RT Nuba


Afro Nubia

Afronoubia band is a group of young people united by love of music extends south from Aswan and Nuba into the African continet and mixed with Raggea music

RT Nuba

RT Nuba means "The Nubian Island" in Nubian language .The band aims to develop this heritage by presenting it in a more contemporary styles to cope with the recent time. RT Nuba music is distinguished with its Nubian essence and with reflecting the Southern spirit. We stick in our melodies to the pentatonic musical scale and poly rhythms. The band make music covers for traditional Nubian songs, with taking account of preserving its original musical form and most of our original songs are composed and music arranged by the members of the band. We also perform songs in our cherished Nubian language, believing that the spirit of music can surpass any linguistic and cultural


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