Born in Cairo : 27th of November 1984
Graduated from the high cinema institute (Scenario section)

has 3 poetry books

1- El ward elly beyetla3 ( The rising roses) 2000
2- Habbet Torab (Grain dust) 2007
3- Dolab el Hodoom (closet)

wrote songs for:

1- the famous children TV program Zaza and Gargeer all the seasons from 2004 to 2010

2- an Egyptian soap opera called Karanteena ( only 3 songs)

3- the Egyptian movie (Basra)

4- the Egyptian documentary movie makan esmo el watan ( a place called home)

5- Eskenderella troup by Hazem Shaheen , Fayrouz Karawya , Ahmed Aly El Haggar , step by step (only 2 songs by Ahmed Assem) , Yehya Ghanam (only one song called fel ghorba ) , Sherif El Weseamy , Wageeh 3azeez ( one song called lama neb2a lewa7dena "when we’re alone , Mounir El Weseamy , Haitham El Khamisy , Fatma Adel , Salma Sabahy )

from his childhood he participates in poetry evenings of Salah Jaheen and Fouad Haddad

from his poetry evening that he wrote and performed

1- mantahash (it’s not over ) 2004 music by Mohamed Ezzat
2- shams el sheta (winter's sun) 2006 , nesmet seif (summer's breeze) 2007 , kan yama kan (once upon a time ) 2009 .. the 3 music by Hazem Shaheen

3- Ahmed Haddad yaqraa ash3aroh (Ahmed Haddad reads his poetry) 2009 , music by Sherif El Weseamy

wrote and directed a short movie called kol el banat bet7eb el chocolata ( all girls love chocolate ) 2008 starring Anoushka ( and wrote the song of the movie that Anoushka sang)

wrote a filmed poem called hekayet el thawra (the story of revolution) 2011 directed by Nagy Ismail , music by Hazem Shaheen , starring 25 actors and actresses

Acted in Awaat Faragh movie (spare time) 2006