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Aly Eissa with Gouda Bar ( Release of his first Album) & Abo Sahar

Musical Show

An original instrumental music project led by composer and Oud player Aly Eissa. Eissa regularly performs his compositions with an ensemble for live audiences in Cairo, offering a meditative musical experience with a twist. His album 'Gouda Bar' is due to be released by Akuphone in spring 2023.

Featuring his diverse musical influences, Eissa’s compositions create versatile and twisted meditative atmospheres throughout the musical experience.

P.S. Survivors of his first two performances highly recommend Eissa's music.


And for the second part of the night we have “Abo Sahar” all the way from Upper Egypt.

Abo Sahar is an artist whose work blend authentic and contemporary music, creating a whole new wave that genuinely encompasses your inner nature, your true being. And with his music, a "trobby" genre was born!



Tickets purchased online can be printed at Rawabet Art Space during business hours or one hour before showtime.

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