Blessed by an innate talent; in addition to being raised in an artistic family, have supported Ali El-Haggar a lot to reach his current premium position in the singing field. During his early childhood, his father; late singer and composer Mr. Ibrahim El-Haggar taught him principles of Arabic music. In this age he was exposed to different types of Arabic songs; such as works of Om Kolthom, Mohmmed Abdel-Wahab, Zakaria Ahmed, Sayed Darwish, and many others. The main goal of the father at this stage was to make his son get an in-depth understanding to the different musical forms, so he can easily differentiate between the various kinds of music

During the years, Ali EL-Haggar never forgot his main artistic concern; singing. In 1977 his talent was professionally discovered by the late composer Baligh Hamdy; who introduced him publicly in the New Year Eve with his first piece of work “Ala Ad Ma Habbena” having lyrics by the late poet Abdel-Rehim Mansoor; after listening to him singing in a musical program in the Egyptian television.