A leading and successful experiment in promoting the pride of the Egyptian identity.

A (fusion) of Egyptian Christian (taraneem) and Islamic Sufi (madeeh) for the first time in new concerts.

The Ana Masry band is considered unique with this first-time ever experiment that blends contemporary singing and songwriting by Ihab Abdo with traditional folkloric singing through the (Sira El Helaleya) religious songs.

The band’s concerts carry a strong message reinforcing the Egyptian national identity with the many dimensions that make it special. All this combines to create an ode to an Egyptian identity that has been free from extremism, but has embraced a more natural religiosity, with a more accepting and understanding attitude over the centuries.

The band has already had successful performances at the American University in Cairo, El Sawy Culture Wheel, the British Council, the Geneina stage at El Azhar, the Jesuit school and the diplomatic club etc…. The band also performed at the closing ceremony of “Sailing the Nile” organized by the United Nations at the Goethe Institute. The band has also been on several programs on Egyptian terrestrial and satellite television.