Autostrad is an Ammani world, Reggae, funk band from Jordan. Fronted by lead singer Yazan Alrousan, Autostrad was formed in 2007 with guitarist Hamza Arnaout, keyboardist Wisam Qatawneh, bassist Avo Demerjian, Saxophonist Bashar Abdelghani and Drummer Burhan Ali.

Autostrad came together shortly after the release of Yazan Alrousan first Solo album “Telfizion” To present the album in several Festivals , Halls and events. Which had a strong reaction at the level of the Jordanian street. A year after a decision was made to start performing under the name "Autostrad" meaning; the “High way” in jordanian slang.

The band then released their first album, "Yazan Al Rousan In Autostrad" to include a set of songs recorded live and inside the studio. Which contrast to the experience of composing and arrangement of new collective experiences of the band member's through mixtures of world and oriental music mixed with the diverse cultural and ethnic background.

Band Members:

Yazan Rousan - vocal guitar/percussion
Wisam Qatawneh -Keyboards/vocal
Hamza Arnaout - Electric guitar/vocal
Bashar Abdelghani – Saxophone
Avo Demerjian - bass/vocal
Burhan Ali - Drums/vocal