Blue Notes Band “Reformed” is a new music formation that was setup in Cairo, Egypt in 2010. The reason for the word “Reformed” in the name goes back to the original Blue notes Band that was formed in 1999 by Hatem Hossam, singer and harmonica player, who is still the front-man of the current formation with a new set of talented, young and enthusiastic musicians.

The band played its first gig at the Cairo Jazz Club on 3 August 2010, after 2 months of heavy rehearsals that enabled the band to throw a very successful show that captured the audience in the most energetic manner.

Bluenotes Band is a five piece music formation with a regular guest female guitarist, that makes the band mostly a six piece band.

The band’s musical influence comes from various types of blues music, from Mississippi blues to the
upbeat Chicago blues to the white British blues.

- Band Members:
Hatem Hossam, Vocals and Harmonica
Mohamed Mamdouh, Guitar
Hazem Sadek, Keyboards
Mohamed El Mallawany, Bass Guitar
Maged Mohsen Faltas, Drums
and the regular guest, Ally W. Salem, Guitar