Buying Tickets

What is an Internet Pre-sale?

Occasionally, some events will be available to purchase online before they go on sale to the general public. These pre-sales frequently require a password that may be distributed by the venue, artist, team, or promoter of either the event or the pre-sale, or distributed by via email promotions. Often, these passwords are distributed to exclusive members of clubs or certain other types of groups and cannot be offered to members of the public. Links may be published on the Event Information page at the time of pre-sale. Ticketsmarche Call Center and Customer Service representatives usually cannot give out passwords. If an event is scheduled for pre-sale and we are authorized to publish it in advance, the event page may list an "Internet Pre-sale" date with the ticket sales information.

When entering your pre-sale password into a promotional page, window or box in an email, please ensure you are entering it in the appropriate box.

Internet pre-sales are usually sold from a reserved allotment of seats, which may not reflect the same availability during the public ticket sale. Internet pre-sales provide the advantage of exclusive purchasing windows in advance of the public sale, which often results in less people competing for the pool of available seats. However, Internet pre-sales may also have limited seating available in various areas - these pre-sales are intended as advance purchasing windows and do not necessarily provide access to better seating. In fact, it is possible that you may be able to obtain tickets for better seats at the general public sale than those that you purchase through a pre-sale. We must remind you that Ticketsmarche does not offer refunds or exchanges, so you will not be able to replace the tickets you obtain at a pre-sale with other tickets that become available at a later date.