In Year 2007 three members started a project aimed to play a merge of grunge, Alternative and electronic rock with a slight funk attitude.

 A year later the lead guitarist joined to complete the blend of various tastes in music, The band was considering the name G-String but was cancelled as it has no message or meaning, Then they decided nothing would express their productive chaotic musical blend that would reflect our society’s anarchy, Following is a brief review of members;

Waleed Shaaban (Drummer): Performed with several bands in the underground music scene like: Meziera, Profile, Classics Band and Dima and finally started an original funky sound career with Circus. Influenced by Chad Smith and Jojo Mayer.


Ahmed El-Faleh (Lead Guitarist): Playing since 2003, Member of the covers band Profile, with a heavy influence by the guitar legend Joe Satriani, But here he’s adding his taste of creativity to group.

Basem Abu Arab (Bassist): Playing since 2003 starting with the band Meziera covering old school rock ’n’ roll, Influenced by Jeff Ament and Krist Novoselic and other musicians, here has the chance to create his own melodies among the group.

Ahmed Ghaleb (Vocals & Rhythm guitarist): Started playing guitar at the age of 17 and performed with Deja-Vu along several bands , Also nailing best vocals prize with Profile in the battle of the bands, Composing was his all time pleasure influenced by Eddie Vedder, Jim Morrison , Gavin Rossdale.

Mohamed Hassan (Rhythm Guitarist): With a text book strumming and performance was the backbone of bands like Wayward, Classics Band and Profile, Mohamed aka Metia is influenced by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and playing since 2001.