It was a simple coincidence when Wael Amer lead singer of City Band, met with Ahmed Moustafa lead guitar player a year ago in one of the studios while Ahmed was working on a rock project and Wael was singing with an Arabic band, they mingled ideas and tunes and decided to see how would that work out in a studio.

Later on Faisal Fouad and Hassan Moustafa - keyboardist and drummer - Joined in as they both are in the same music group in Helwan Uni with Wael, and then Shung Bass Player joined in through Ahmad as they both shared rock and metal influences. Then later on Amr Ismael- Feras would join the band.
Last but not least composer, singer and rythym guitarist Mohammed Nabil joined the group through Ahmed Moustafa - Whom he knew through his father song writer Moustafa Zaky who has worked with various commercial artists like Nancy Agram and George Wassouf.

CityBand's Official birthday was August 23rd; the place of birth was the River Hall, El Sawy Cultural Wheel.

CityBand's music has a different genre and they play different modes. Each of The members adds his own influence into the kind of music they play. Ahmed Moustafa with his rockish solos and energetic bluesy guitar style, Wael Amer with his unmistakable Arabic high pitch notes and his quarter tone '3orab', Mohammed Nabeel with his various composition styles Tamer with his Latin groove, Faisal with his Jazzy chords and harmony, and Shung with his metal background gives a strong slappy metal fever into the music.
City Band works with a lot of different song writers, like Waleed AbdelMoun'em, Basim Lasheen, Montaser Higazy, and mostly Bahaa ElDin Mohammed who is one of Egypt’s most sophisticated song writers nowadays.

CityBands Discusses all walks of life in there lyrics, but politics and social life is what mainly CityBand sings about in their songs , but what makes the lyrics so special is that a normal Egyptian would get the jest so would a sophisticated one.
City Band’s: Music of the City, get touched by the music, inspired by the lyrics, dance to the groove and most of all, have lots of guaranteed fun.

Band Line Up:

Ahmed Moustafa : Vocals and Lead Guitar
Mohammed Nabil : Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Sekka : Bass Guitar
Wael Amer : Vocals
Abo 3ali : Drums
Tamer Yousry : Oriental Percussion
Faisal Foad : Vocals and Keyboard
Amr Ismail : Violin