Ebbtide band has formed in march 2007 by Mohamed Moghazy, Ahmed Abdel Salam, El-Sayed Fouad and Edward Samir who were playing in underground metal bands, the idea came in mind after all of us were sharing the same purpose which is making a band with new and different ideas and also unique in way of composing and making music.

First thing the band tried to do is an idea to make songs in Arabic lyrics... And they did make a 5 tracks Demo album called Saab (difficult) it was a hard rock album. And they finished recording the album in (November 2008). After that the band started to work on their main purpose. Which is making a difference. And then the band proudly came up with the very successful Demo album *Rest in peace* in April 2009. And that success leaded the band to their first real show.

A competition in the Art center in Bibliotheca Alexandria which it placed there every summer in the bibliotheca summer festival…  The first show of the band made the crowds gone crazy and follow the band to their room and wherever they went...

The success completed when the band won the best band in Egypt 2009 and won also the first prize (best original song) and in the same road of success.

After winning these prizes 2 talented musician joined the band in order to complete the line up once and for all Adel Samakia (drummer) and Mohamed Nazem (keyboards) and the band had a place in Metal Night concerts after they've been the first band chosen to play in this gig which always included the best 6 metal bands in Egypt.