The Egoz are a five-piece rock band from Cairo, Egypt. One of the best. For almost half a decade Egoz have been asserting their influence on the Egyptian rock scene the best way they know: creating a few original tracks that explain the band's diversity and roots, and then dishing them out as one of the country's strongest live acts.

Formed by Hany and Karim back in school. Karim practiced drums & Hany focused on singing and songwriting, as well as playing guitar & keyboard. While listening to various types of music that ranges from 90s pop to 70s prog rock, they've met Mustafa in 1998. The three members already found out they have their distinctive sound.

In 2003, they have played the first mini-gig in the British Council with Screwdriver. The performance had been received positively and later played at the AUC talent show in April 2004 which received very good feedback that people still talk about. Basel joined the band in April 2005. But it was not until 2006, that the band's line had been completed to be the current one. The year marks the real start of the band.

Since then, with various performances at the Culture Wheel in Zamalek (Sakia), Cairo Jazz Club, S.O.S. and Nokia Festival, Azhar Park, Dance 4 Life, Sharm El-Sheikh, Boss Bar, The British Club in Cairo and national television, EgoZ had established themselves as one of the best and most respectful bands of the rock scene in Egypt.