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El Dor El Awal

Mazzika X El Sat7

“El Dor El Awal” is not your typical Egyptian band. Even its formation is unusual. Two percussionists that play an original set with bongos, congas, kakhon, tabla and elements from the drums, a keyboard that uses a piano sound as well as electronic effects to add colors to the music. And finally a flute, a violin, and a saxophone, that create a very particular brass section.

Blending in their different musical backgrounds and adding each their personal touch, “El Dor El Awal” have truly succeeded on creating their own personal style and constantly delivering some fresh tunes that make their way straight into the hearts of the audience.

Band Members:
Ahmed Omar, Electric Bass
Mohammad Samy, Violin
Bob, Kajun - Djembe - Various Percussions
Fady Badr, Qanun - Keyboards
Mizo, Konga - Doff - Tabla - Various Percussions
Nour Ashour, Saxophone - Mizmar - Didjeridoo
Hisham Issam - Oud

Concert Details
Date: Thursday 23rd May 2019
Time: 9:30 PM
Tickets: 100 EGP

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