El Hamra Theater (Tunisia):

El Hamra Theater was founded in 1985 by Tunisian actor Ezzedine Gannoun in a Baroque style cinema house that has now become a dynamic center for the arts in Tunis. Since 1987, El Hamra has co-produced numerous successful theatre performances that have placed it on the national and international map.

Ghilan (Monsters):
These monsters do not live in caves, do not appear at night, do not eat children, do not destroy houses, and do not spit fire - these monsters are humans, with feet, hands, and unexpected faces that change shape, color and expression. The story of Monsters examines the concept of power, symbolized by chairs, and uses humor, music and dance to highlight the slippery nature of political change, the story takes place in a country struggling to stay on its feet in a time of turmoil and ambiguity. 
Monsters is a story that unfolds in the present, and begins but does not end, with the last act of the story invented step by step.
The play is directed by acclaimed Tunisian director Ezzedine Gannoun and written by Leila Toubel.