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Natik Awayez (Manbarani project) & Muarice Louca

Natik Awayez+Maurice Louca

We are proud to announce that  Natik Awayez and Maurice Louca will be
kicking off the 2022 Music Program at Rawabet's Art Space.  These two
are about to light up Rawabet with a back-to-back show!

Natik Awayez is an Iraqi lyricist, composer, and oud player. Awayez
moved to Cairo in 2015 and for two years, he devoted himself to the
composition of his album Manbarani, which was released in October
Manbarani contemporary folk songs are influenced by Natik's migration
across cities and continents, and the organic sound is inspired by the
polyrhythms of Iraq, Yemen, and the Gulf.

Maurice Louca the Egyptian musician and composer prolific collaborator
returns with a new trio set where Louca and his fellow musicians
alternate between compositions and improvisation

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