In the autumn of 2000 we decided to form a group. In the beginning the name of the band was uncertain but at the moment that really didnt matter. The most important thing was to make up our minds of which role each and one of us should have. Not even our music sounded as it does today. Generally covers were our priority because we wanted to be as good as possible both individually and as a band. The start of our own musical composing began during the years 2002-2003.
Mia (the guitarist) brought us some own-written songs and this was the birth of 4-ever. This episode was also the kick-off as a live-band.

The gigs just rolled in and we became more and more accepted, which surprised both us and others with a negative attitude towards girlgroups. The summer of 2006 a new chapter was written. Fourever and Matilda (the singer) went seperate paths... Mia, the previous backvocalist and guitarist, took the role as our new leadsinger.

This is a big change, but as we say, after rain there is sunshine! Of course nobody wants to be judged by skin colour, looks, nationality, background, rumours etc- so our everlasting challenge is to overcome this girlband label and to be seen just as the regular rock band as we are. We have always put a lot of focus in playing live simply because we love it. Our goal is to give the audience the same undescribeable feeling, a fucking goody-goody show and a hell of a good time!