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Gawy is an Egyptian contemporary band that was established in early 2015. They present a contemporary music that focuses mainly on lyrical meaning with a bit of poetry. Their music is a mixture of oriental melodies that tend more to the south along with harmonies and western rhythms. They feed their originals with a few songs from the southern heritage after being redistributed to suit the lyrical and poetic theme they offer.

The name “Gawy” originally comes from a type of incense that has an attractive and unique scent. This specific name was chosen by the band members to suit their contemporary poetic style.

Gawy started off with a series of original songs such as "Atshan Ya Zeina" , "Qasr El-Khalefa" , "Eyoun El Nas Zanazeen" , "Samra Ya Eyoun El Gadaa" until the release of their first album “Qalbk Yasaa” in March 2017.

Band Members:

Mohamed Abd El-Latif (Tifa) - Vocal

Ahmed El-Gamal - Poet

Nadim Nakhla - Drummer

Bebawy Raafat (Bibo) - Bass Guitarist

Mohamed Youssef (Joe) - Keyboardist

Fady Weesa - Guitarist & Keyboardist

Fady Kamal - Percussionist

Toka El-Hagrasy - Qanoun Player


Essmat Ezz Eldin

Mahmoud El-Kady


Concert Details
Date: Friday 26th July 2019
Time: 8:30 PM
Tickets: 75 EG

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