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Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children

Hakawy Festival

Hakawy International Arts festival for Children is back for its 12 Edition this year! 

Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children, the only international arts festival for children in Egypt, is an annual festival organized by AFCA Arts Center. Local and international artists and companies from different arts forms come together for a one of a kind art experience.


Hakawy Festival is back this year for its 12th Edition from the 6th till the 15th of October in Tahric Cultural Center -Home of the Festival- with a main program that consists of 3 international shows and 8 Egyptian shows accompanied by a side program that contains 10 workshops, masterclasses and talks! This edition we delve into spatial exploration for the young, where they get to explore and interact with nature and the spaces around them, through new means, sense the places old and new, where they and their families get to communally share new experiences.  

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