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Helm Leilet 3ard

Theatre Performance

Hu Theatre Company presents Helm Leilet 3ard, a comedy-drama that ventures into the dream worlds of a married couple on the night before their play. Khaled and Nancy are two struggling artists who are swept into their subconscious manifestations, finding themselves facing the sacrifices they've made, their doubts, and the threat of letting go of their dreams.

The dreams might be the leftovers from the day, memories of the past, warnings of the future, expeditions of the soul, or dreams may simply be abstract artworks of the psyche. The more tangible everyday use of the word 'dream' is that desired thing we place beyond our reach, which may become a part of reality, or not. As elusive as dreams are, we can sense them, we can interact with them, and we can manifest them... if we dare to.

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