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Hiphop Night: Mr.Kordy / Hamorabi

Mazzika X El Sat7

Mr kordy ( the cairo city master)
Mr. Kordy was born in 22/2/1986 in cairo city, he is one of the oldest rap artists and he is
known As -the cairo city master -an old school rapper from the first generation of hiphop in
He own the CCG brand and the ccgstores stores and he works as a director for hip hop video
Mr. Kordy created the (ccg familia) back in 2004 , and the gangsta move and it went viral with
everyone and he's still doing his bussiness and the CCG familia exist still.
He has done a lot of concerts in different places , cities and colleges and he worked with
rappers in different countries .
He had many magazines that wrote about him like groove in italy, lowrider and 1 world in usa,
cairo scene in egypt.
Scene Noise made a documentry for mr.kordy and dropped it in 2017 , called (MR. KORDY AND
He had also Mixtapes released in California ,and another in Spain and the last one was called
(hip hop had a dream) and this track was in the same mixtape with kendrick lamar, it was
released in London .
-kordy shooted the first underground music video clip
His biggest hits are :
(fucking wid da real) , ( drop a bomb ft vanilla gorilla ),(Duck down),(thug life ),(phonies )
,(pass dat joint ) and (86) .
Influenced by Timbaland, Nottz and Eric Sermon, inspiredby James Brown and Baligh Hamdi,
Hamorabi creates from his experiences and his life a unique Hip Hop.
His music reflects his atypical, authentic and determined personality. Hamorabi is considered
as one of the pioneers of the Levant scene and the Arab Hip Hop scene, Hamorabi has a style of
his own.
He is one of the rare rappers to be able to perform perfectly in 3 languages: Arabic, English &
French. His voice and repetitive sound signatures such as "SMA'A" (which means listen in
Arabic) and "RABI" (short for his nickname) made him recognizable with his charisma from a
Concert Details
Date: Thursday 1st August 2019
Time: 8:00 PM
Tickets: 100 EGP

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