Karma is a Rock Band from Cairo, Egypt. The band was formed in 2006.

The original line up was Mahmoud Barakat as the drummer, Ragy Akram handling vocals, Ehab Sami as the lead Guitarist, Mohamed Haggan Rythm Guitarist and Karim Mounir on The Bass.

The Band's First appearance was on 2/07/2007 at El-Sawy Culture wheel, where they received appraisable comments. But After the concert the original Rythm Guitarist Mohamed Haggan left the band and was followed shortly by the departure of Ehab Sami (Lead Guitarist).

In 14/04/2008 the band returned for their Second appearance with the new members; Omar Haridy (Lead Guitarist), Sherif Anees (Rythm Guitarist) and Sherif Mostafa (Keyboards) at El-Sawy Culture wheel.

Few days later they performed at the A.U.C Battle of the bands and won the title. Finally in September, 2008 they started recording their first single "Can't let go".

Later on Sherif Anees left the band and Ehab Sami returned back to hit the road with karma again.