Kayan Band was formed in 2008 by Ahmed Nabil and Mohamed Samir.

In the beginning, many names were suggested for the band and “Kayan” was amongst them. Some of the band members liked it, therefore, a voting was called out for the suggested names, and Kayan had the most votes which made it prevail.

The definition of the word gave the band more meaning as it reflects that they have their own structure and existence, as well as their own music.

Kayan Band presents metal music but with Arabic lyrics, as they desired to cope with the changes while keeping the ideas specific to Egypt, which is highlighted through the meaningful Arabic song lyrics. Their music style is influenced by heavy metal and punk rock.

Kayan Band is considered the first band to present “Arabic metal” and their aims are to go international.

The most famous songs presented by the band:

“Aam Okasha”, “Aragoz”, “Hadtha Aal Tariq El Aam”, “Eskafi”, “Doctor Takhdeer”, “Mouled Sidi El Autobees”, “Talaa Fiha”, “Yamama Magrooha”, “Manbooz”, “Gomhoureyet El Forn”