Klaket is a rock group that is impossible to pigeonhole into a genre, for they move easily from one sound to another. The group has drawn from whatever music it likes, creating a unique sound that might be considered jazz, progressive rock, or just plain weird reverb rock. The group covets insightful wackiness from anywhere, low-tech approaches whenever possible, telling humor, and vital social targets of any kind without ideological preaching. Although the concept sounds a bit serious, Klaket are actually both humorous and thought-provoking.

The group began as Vibration in 2008. Guitarists Ahmed Adel and Islam Magdy, Violinist Marwan Anwer, Drummer Adham Nassif, keyboardist Omar Bassam, Vocalists Ameer youssef and Moshira Abdel Ghany, comprised the unchanging core of the group. Bassist Hossam Azooz and Percussionist Ward Ahmed completed the band in 2009.

Klaket began playing at El Sawy Culture Wheel. Their first performance attracted only about 300 people, most of them friends, but the group was invited back to perform and before long they had their own following and a growing prestige both within and outside the Egyptian Rock Music community.

The group's emotional baggage made for a successful sophomore effort as the Energic songs and empowered arrangements clearly pointed to a recharged group ready to steer a new course.