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Once upon a time, by the beautiful Mediterranean shores, in a peaceful street at the end of a lively town, “Eman” and “Amin” - two irrational friends - wanted to test the power of an ancient witch living in a nearby lighthouse; so the bet was on breaking a strong bond of love between Leila and Karim - their friends - who were about to get married…
What will prevail at the end; witchcraft or the magic of love?

  • Leila story:

LEILA is an Arabic Rock musical set in a little town by the sea where its inhabitants have been living peacefully. The butcher , the baker, the coiffeur and the garcon along with Leila and Karim, the two lovers. But no town is completely free from trouble especially when an old legend tells that the lighthouse located at the tip of the beach is inhabited by an evil witch! join this fantastic cast, dance crew and band on an adventure of a lifetime!
Get excited! As you enter for one "Leila" the world of Musical Theatre, where drama, dance and music intermingle to tell a magical lovestory .

  • From April 21st till May 21st every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8:00pm till 10:00pm . Doors Open : 7:00pm
  • Creative Team:
  • Script, music and lyrics: Ibrahim Maurice.
  • Choreography: Dalia Farid
  • Set & light design: Hazem Shebl
  • Conductor: Mohamed Saad Basha
  • Director: Hany Afifi.
  • Sound: Mafdy Thabet
  • The Cast includes: Ziad ElSherif, Amy Frega, Zahra Ramy, Adel Badawy, Sally Samson, Hana Ghoneim, Amr Kamal, Mohamed Hassan, Tarek Nassar, Shady Abdelsalam, Salma Tarek, Tarek Yasser, Robeir Amir, Ehab Shawy and Nathalie Alain.

فرقة المسرح الغنائي المصري
بمشاركة من القوى الناعمة للإنتاج الفني
المسرحية الغنائية المصرية
تأليف وألحان إبراهيم موريس
إخراج هاني عفيفي

كل خميس وجمعة وسبت وأحد 8م على مسرح الماركيي بكايرو فيستيفال سيتي 2017 المواعيد من 20 ابريل الي 21 مايو 8 م



*Dress Code:  Smart Casual
*Children Under 9 years old are not allowed, above 9 years old requires a full ticket.
*Cameras are not allowed
*No Food or beverage allowed inside the theater
*NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGE for tickets after purchase

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