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Msh Mawgoud – Episode 7 “Konafa bel Faty”

Live Podcast

Join us at Rawabet to attend the recording of Episode No. 7 Mesh “Mawgoud” podcast. An episode about the “Faty”, it’s benefits and problems.
This is an invitation to tell us your “Faty” stories; the nonsense and gibberish that were spoon fed to us since we were kids …and we might actually give your nonsense a different point of view.


Our date is Sunday, April 2nd at 9:00 pm at Rawabet Theatre.



"Mesh Mawgoud” is a live podcast which addresses life’s tough questions such as but not limited to: the link between my untied shoelaces and how it affects generation z's sense of entitlement.


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Tickets purchase online can be printed at during working hours or one hour before the performance.

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