Folk rock and Arabic music



Property Of Nadya Shanab is a band envisioned by Nadya Shanab; a Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Cairo, Egypt.


Nadya interrupted her studies of Sociology and Maths at The American University in Cairo (AUC) to study at Paul McCartney’s school; Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) for her BA (Hons) degree in Music. There she met her fellow band mates, Samantha Lubin (Percussion), Lisanne Otten (Keyboard), Chris Nicholls (Bass), Sian Monaghan (Percussion), Sjur Vonen (Guitar), Joaqim Lewerin (Violin) and Fabian Prynn (Kit) who all add intricate elements to Nadya Shanab's music.


Their sound is a fine blend of western acoustic, folk rock and Arabic music. Shanab's often-haunting Songs are laced with oriental vocals, spiced up with passionate, heartfelt lyrics and resonating melodies. Songs often yo-yo between both Arabic and English lyrics while being anchored down by traditional rock/pop song structure. They tend to leave their audience with a deep sense of melancholic satisfaction.


Property Of Nadya Shanab are currently recording their debut album “El Mahrousa” which is to include the tracks; Sa’alny Habiby (written by Omar El Nayal), Ana Bint Masreya Soghayara and Ticking Bomb.